Friday, August 20, 2010

New Sufjan Stevens EP

Without any warning (other than the announcement of an upcoming tour which I have already purchased tickets for) Sufjan Stevens has gone and released a new digital EP. It's 8 songs, two of which are well over 10 minutes long, so you could just as easily call it an full album. I have been listening to it a lot in the short time that I've had it and I can already tell these songs are going to stick around in my iPod for a while, they are beautiful. I am espically taken by the strings at the end of the title track "All Delighted People." Check it out if you don't mind the 7 minutes and 40 seconds to get there, it's worth it.

<a href="">All Delighted People (Original Version) by Sufjan Stevens</a>

The whole album is available at Sufjan's Bandcamp site for just $5.

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ashenwings said...

I've never heard Sufjan before and I was linked to All Beautiful People a few days ago. It's nice, is most of his stuff like this?