Sunday, January 10, 2010

John Malkovich Is The Vulture

Apparently, John Malkovich has just confirmed that he is going to be playing The Vulture in Spider Man 4, during an interview with an Italian sports show. I really didn't care for the last Spider Man movie, in fact, I would probably describe it as a complete mess, but the idea of this is pretty cool to me. Not really sure which direction they are going to go to make The Vulture an interesting villain seeing as his only real powers are A) flying and B) being pretty strong for and old dude. I really like Malkovich, however. I hope he uses his accent from Rounders. If you haven't seen this movie and plan on doing so (which I recommend that you do), don't watch anything after 0:50.

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Seanicus said...

So, there has a been a shift in Spider-man 4 land. No Raimi. No Maguire. Spidy in high school.