Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weezer, Kaufman and G

Thanks to Dave for pointing this little jem out to me. Apparently Weezer have taken the Andy Kaufman act that they've been doing since Pinkerton to unbelievable new heights lately. Namely, by inviting Kenny G to come out and rip everyones balls off for there recent AOL Live sessions for Raditude. Dude, shreds.

It's shocking to me how at this point most Weezer fans still can't see the connection between this and Kaufman, who was arguably most of the most brilliant artists of our time. Sure I would love to see another Pinkerton, but at this point Rivers dedication to the joke is pretty commendable.

Exhibit B:

The Red Album

Tony Clifton (Andy Kaufman)

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Max said...

I'm familiar with Kaufman and his type of comedy, but I'm a little confused at what you mean in regards with Weezer. I mean I know they sound totally different than what they used to. Is what you're suggesting is that what they've been doing for the past, well, most of their records is all an act?