Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paintings For Sale

My walls are getting way too covered with my paintings, so as hard as it may be, I think that it is just about time that I part ways with a few of them. I am willing to work with people on prices, and as long as you are willing to pay shipping we can probably work something out, but I am also including a ball park estimate on each. These are not prints, they are all original, one-of-a-kind pieces.

If you think to yourself, "Whoa, these prices are a steal!", then thanks. If you think to yourself, "Whoa, these are ridiculously overpriced." Then please keep in mind that these are my babies.

If more than one person is after one painting in particular then it could go up, or down, who knows. Here are a few that I am willing to part with:

"Park Place" 16 inches x 16 inches SOLD

"Lift" 8 inches x 24 inches SOLD

"Waiting" 16 inches x 20 inches SOLD

"Trust Me" 48 inches x 24 inches $300

"Vacant" 18 inches x 24 inches SOLD

"President's Day" 48 inches x 24 inches $300

"Self Portrait" 48 inches x 36 inches $350

"An Account Of The Melancholy Death Of Four Naughty Boys Who Were Devoured By Wild Beasts" 48 inches x 30 inches $350

"Girl" 60 inches x 72 inches $500

"The End Of The World" 60 inches x 72 inches $500

"Two" 60 inches x 72 inches $500

"The Most Difficult Household Pest" 18 inches x 24 inches SOLD

"Prey" 48 inches x 72 inches $400

If you are interested and want to throw an offer at me then just shoot me an email at Payment can be super easy over paypal, but like I said I cannot cover the shipping. If anyone is interested in one of the super massive paintings, then it will probably need to go by freight, which I will take care of as long as it is paid for.


jtworek3 said...

I love "Prey." Amazing work Daniel. Wish I could afford to put some money DOWN!

Anonymous said...

i wish i had money. i love your paintings <3
good luck with selling them :)

Matt Sullivan said...

wow! i wish i could afford/had the space for "Girl". I'm kind of an anime person. :3
i'm afraid college kid budget and a dorm room wouldn't cover it, though.
maybe in a couple of years, if nobody snatches it up by then (which i highly doubt). :)

Max said...

Those are awesome, I love those man. I wish I had enough money to get one. Good luck.

Stuart Harper said...

I love the end of the world painting, very tempted by the first painting which was used as artwork for White Christmas.

Jake said...

I've always really liked Park Place from the White Christmas release. I'm too broke right now, but I might be able to buy it in January. When are you planning on selling them? email me at and let me know!
I can't wait to hear the new single! Merry Christmas!