Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Top Ten Upcoming Horror Films

It's been a while since I posted so I wanted to make sure and put something up here that was specifically blog oriented, no just a repost of some Ghost And The Grace or Idiot Pilot news.

Obviously, being such a huge fan of horror, I adore the Halloween season and sometimes I need a little pick me up once it's gone. Thankfully there have been a whole slew of upcoming films that have caught my attention, so what I wanted to do is make a list of the top ten soon-to-be-released, or just released, horror films that I haven't had the chance to see. These ain't recommendations, obviously, just ranked by my patented anticipation meter. Here we go.

#10 The Wolfman

This looks a lot more fun than frightening, as to be expected, but there is something about this clean, gothic, family-horror look that has a place in my heart. Of course, it has the possibility of veering very quickly into a bloodless PG-13 bore-fest, but it's rating has yet to be given and the cast looks promising.

#9 House Of The Devil

It's really hard to tell whither or not this will be good from the trailer. What it does have going for it, though, is that Ti West did an incredible job of making it look as legitimately vintage as possible. It looks like a spot on homage to early 80s horror.

#8 Splice

Based on what I have seen so far, Splice is the only movie on my list that is scoring any cute points. In fact, it is pretty hard to believe that this little guy could get all that scary, but apparently that is what happens. I suppose they said the same thing about Gizmo in Gremlins and then look what happened. This movie is also produced by Guillermo Del Toro, the genius behind Pan's Labyrinth.

#7 Shutter Island

Scorsese does a horror film. What else do I need to say?

#6 Trick R. Treat

I have been waiting to see this movie for an incredibly long time. In fact, I think that I first heard about it two years ago when it was doing the festival rounds, before then inexplicably disappeared. One might think this was due to a poor reception, but when you look at the reviews it's gotten, that is hard to believe. 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, especially for a horror movie, is shockingly good. It also doesn't hurt that Anna Paquin makes a gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood. This is one of the few on the list that I am sure if I tried I could have seen by now, so really it's nobodies fault but my own.

#5 The Crazies

Something about this trailer just thrills me every time I see it. I have never seen the original film, which was directed by George A. Romero, of Night Of The Living Dead fame (along with countless other "...Of The Living Dead" fames), but it is regarded as a cult favorite. As you may have noted from some of my earlier reviews, I am not one of the purists out there who hate every remake of a horror classic, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were people out there complaining about how different this looks than the original. Whatever. The opening scene alone looks intense enough for me to see this.

#4 The Human Centipede

Just hearing the concept of this film disturbed me so much that I almost feel bad for posting it here. It took about a week of me suddenly and uncontrollably getting grossed out before I could finally push it to be back of my mind, so much so that for a long time my general thoughts on the movie were, "Why would anyone in their right mind want to see that?" Somehow, after about a month and a half, I have come around, if nothing more than to test my gag reflex.

Case in point, three unsuspecting tourists somehow end up at the mercy of a crazy doctor. Not just any crazy doctor, but the leading surgeon in the field of Siamese twin separation, who has decided that the world would be a much better place if he started using his craft to go in the other direction. In other words, to put people together instead of taking them apart. That, unfortunately, is not the disturbing part. All I can say is that his method of connecting the three helpless tourists is through one long gastronomical tract. Use your imagination. Yep, what you think I am saying is what I am actually saying. Sounds like a laugh riot!

#3 Macabre

Aww, the old group-of-teenager's-on-a-road-trip,-car-breaks-down-and-they-have-to-stay-with-a-nutty-family-of-psychos gag. Apparently they haven't had enough of that in Indonesia and I for one am stoked. This is based on a short film that the director's did, which was well received enough to warrant a full feature. Apparently, the plot bears a lot of similarities to Inside, which is a favorite of mine. Let's hope it's more of an homage than a full on rip-off.

#2 The Fourth Kind

Alright, confession time. Aliens scare the fuck out of me. I cannot even begin to tell you how much my childhood nightmares were plaged by the though out waking up to a skinny grey guy with a big head kicking it at the foot of my bed. This leads to countless films where the general public seems to say, "meh", and I am left with the distinct impression that that was the scariest thing I have seen in my life (Fire In The Sky anyone?) Good god, even the way they pixelate that ladies face scares me.

#1 Antichrist

Remember how Dancer In The Dark was one of the most depressing things you could possibly subject yourself to? Well Lars Von Trier is at it again with Antichrist. Apparently it's nothing less than the directors usual shocking approach, put into a horror package. Add to that that the fact that a central axis of the movie is the idea that women are inherently evil, and you've got yourself a fairly controversial little piece of work. Maybe that is why some people are saying that it is "The most shocking film in the history of the Cannes Film Festival."


Skills if you know me said...

Great list! Antichrist is the only one I've heard of, and I recently saw it. Really awesome. You should check out "Pontypool" and "Splinter" as well.

The Moth said...

I'm really excited to see both of those, I just decided not to include them because I feel like they have been readily available for a while.

Skills if you know me said...

very true. This is a top ten UPCOMING horror films list. ha

Seanicus said...

Antichrist was awful. Trick R Treat was fantastic, though. Also, Night of the Creeps just came out on DVD and BLUray for the first time about a week ago.

The Moth said...

Wow I am surprised you didn't like it. I thought it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. Going to watch Trick R Treat tonight probably.

Jordan said...

Trick 'R Treat is a great little horror flick; an instant Halloween cult classic. Michael Dougherty is actually going to be making numerous sequels as kind of an annual event (a la Creepshow).

Really excited for House Of The Devil (the posters scream early Debra Hill/John Carpenter era gems), and I just got sent a press screener of Antichrist. Probably going to watch that this week; I have to build myself up to deal with how intense it's going to be.

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