Sunday, October 18, 2009

The World Is A Vampire

Fall is my favorite season; the leaves changing color, the nights growing longer, and of course, Halloween. In that spirit, I wanted to give you all a gift to enjoy as part of your spooky festivities. I decided to record a cover of Bullet With Butterfly Wings by The Smashing Pumpkins and it is available to you all, absolutely and 100% for free. Just click below to download! Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support of The Ghost And The Grace!


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andrew said...

holy shit! this is so freakin' awesome! smashing pumpkins are my favourite band ever and of course i love ghost and the grace nearly as much now!!! so this is so badass! once again daniel, you are just too kind to us.

david said...

real nice, dan. does this mean i can expect a cover of mayonaise soon?

Matt Sullivan said...

thanks a lot man!
sounding great

who's that a picture of, by the way?
is that you?

ren。 said...

this has to be one of my faveourite covers in a long, long time. you spoil us with this. i'm really looking forward to hearing more covers from you : )

endworld09 said...

thank you for this wonderful cover, truly talented musician you are!:)