Friday, October 2, 2009

Sufjan Stevens Loves Too Much

Finally, after long last, Sufjan Stevens is finally preforming new material. During his current tour he has busted out at least 4 new songs, all of which are outrageously rad. A few things you will notice right off the bat, first, there is much less banjo and much more electric guitar, in fact, there is no banjo on these. Second, unlike most previous tracks, there has been the welcome addition of drum programming and other electronics, and third, these songs are loooooooong.

The standout track absolutely has the be the shamelessly poppy "There's Too Much Love", which boasts one of the strongest hooks I have heard in ages. If this song is on the next record I would not be surprised if Sufjan's popularity entered the next stratosphere. I guess they would probably have to trim off about 3 minutes first.

Check out "There's Too Much Love" below.

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