Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spark Plug Cover From Argentina

One thing that I absolutely love is foreign bands doing Idiot Pilot covers. Every once in a while a little gem will pop up on Youtube where a metal band from Europe will make there way through a rousing, broken English rendition of To Buy A Gun and it just warms my heart. This particular one is extra special for the female singer rocking the harmonies and the fact that for once the song they are playing is not To Buy A Gun. All the way from Argentina, check out The Crack Inside playing Spark Plug!


Matt Sullivan said...

sweet! i really enjoyed that, especially considering Sparkplug is the 3rd most played song on my iPod, beating all of the others by about 40 plays or so. :P

(my first two are also by you guys... Red Museum is number 1 and Nightlife is number 2. haha..)

And then #4 is by a Japanese band that sounds nothing like Idiot Pilot...

anyway, this may sound a little biased but i think you guys have the potential to make it really big in the music industry. the stuff you and Michael create is just magic.. it makes people feel things. :)

andrew said...

wow, they are pretty tight, i'll say probably my favourate idiot pilot cover so far... maybe by this time next year there will be bands in iceland and mongolia covering 'genetics' and 'a pretty good place to start'