Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Piranha 3-D

In 1975, Steven Spielberg's Jaws took the world by storm, bringing blockbuster credibility to the horror genre and opening the floodgates for years of knockoffs about over-sized or insatiable creatures of the deep. From my personal favorite, Orca: The Killer Whale! to the comedy/horror romp, Piranha.

Piranha is currently being remade by on of my favorite new directors, Alexandre Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes and the unfortunate Mirrors), and it sounds like it is going to be amazing. Unlike his other films which are notable for their ruthlessly dark tone, Piranha is going to be more of a popcorn film in the vein of "The Frighteners, Braindead, (and) Gremlins." It probably doesn't hurt that it is in 3D either.

I am pretty stoked on the thought Alexandre has put into the upcoming films campy, pop culture cameos. First there is Ashlynn Brooke, who the faint-of-heart and the under 18 probably should not Google, and who I only really mention just so I can boost up the severely lacking "picture of babe" quotient in this blog. Second, apparently Christopher Loyd has been cast as a kooky old guy, which is probably already worth the ticket price right there. But most impressive is, frankly, one of the most bad ass, full circle crossovers I have ever heard of.

In an homage to Jaws, the film that started it all, Richard Dreyfuss will briefly reprise his role as everyone's favorite marine biologist, Matt Hooper. Yes, I'm serious, that Matt Hooper. The one who's gonna need a bigger boat.

Alexander had this to say about the cameo in a recent interview with

Shock: How much screen time is Richard Dreyfuss going to have in this?

Aja: You'll see. It's very funny because it's an unofficial, indirect sequel or spin-off [of his Jaws character]. So, it's funny.

Shock: Did it take much convincing to get him on board?

Aja: When you write a character and you think about an idea... When the idea for Richard Dreyfuss to play this part came to us, we couldn't imagine anyone else. The studio really supported us in that decision to get him. From the glasses, to the outfit, to everything you'll see.

I officially cannot fucking wait.

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