Friday, July 17, 2009

Ghost And The Grace Live Band NEEDED!

Still looking to fill a few slots for The Ghost And The Grace live band. If you would like to be a committed member of this very active band and live in the Bellingham area, shoot me an email at We are still looking for:

Banjo/Mandolin/Acoustic Guitar player

We need someone to switch between a few of the acoustic instruments for each song, we already have the banjo and mando for you to use and if you are a good guitar player then they are not to hard to get a grasp on with a little practice. Mostly you would be rocking the banjo.

Horn Player

We already have the most bad ass trumpet player in the world, but she is also the most bad ass key player in the world and it is just not possible to do both at the same time, all of the time.


I am open to anything from cello to violin, if you want to come rock out, let me know!

Hopefully I will hear from some of you guys soon!

- Daniel

1 comment:

Stephanie Lee said...

i can play trumpet - if you wannnntttt