Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Past And Future Of Hard Rock

Pearl Jam played on the first night of Conan O'Brien's The Tonight Show. This song is amazing. Reminds me so much of Vs. which is by far my favorite Pearl Jam record and probably one of my top five albums of all time. I bought that record when I was in 5th grade and rocked it almost every single day. Really great to see that the guys have still got this kind of power so many years later, especially Eddie Veddar. If any of you guys reading this aren't that familiar with "the Jam" but you like this, then I highly recommended going out and grabbing a copy of Vs.

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Max said...

Yeah I happened to catch that performance (well, if "happened to" means purposely watching the premiere of Conan). I've had friends that liked them but I myself have never really listened to them. I'll check Vs. out though at least.

It was a great new Tonight Show, by the way.