Saturday, May 23, 2009


I know that I have been posting a lot of trailers lately, so forgive me as I force yet another one on you, but something about this movie seems so rad in the eyes of my inner science fiction nerd. First of all, it's Bruce Willis doing yet another action movie, which just feels right no matter who you are, and second of all, it's NOT a remake. Since when is Hollywood putting out big budget movies that aren't based on a book, TV show, amusement park ride, or board game. Oh wait... What's that? It's based on a graphic novel? Dammit, nevermind. Either way, check out the trailer for Surrogates.


Max said...

That looks like a mix of Terminator, The Matrix, and the Sims. But it looks kinda cool.

Joel said...

haha, it really is like the sims. saw this before terminator as well, looks really cool