Friday, January 23, 2009


Today I am tracking some banjo, accordion, and guitar for my buddy Kasey Anderson down at Bayside. These songs rip and it's a lot of fun, very "The Boss" so I am obviously stoked. Still plowing through The Ghost And The Grace right now... I decided that I might want to "weird" them up a bit, to what appears to be great results. Already thinking about the next Ghost And The Grace though actually. Three distinct directions come to mind, but I probably shouldn't mention anything yet because I am probably getting a little ahead of myself. Check out Elvis Presley's Power Of My Love for some sort of idea. One of the greatest recordings of all time.

Also, I am still giving those guitar lessons I was talking about a while ago. Comment for details, it's fun and informative.

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Joel said...

I was hoping to read your thoughts on LOST season five premiere. It was pretty awesome. Have you read the time loop theory? Sorry this is completely off the topic of your post.