Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Thriller In Downtown Bellingham

What a wonderful night Halloween is. Every time it rolls around I swear up and down that it is my favorite holiday, and then by Christmas time when I am sitting around with hot chocolate by the fire, listening to Christmas songs, I change my mind. Of course, ten months later when Halloween is back I change my mind again.

This year, however is going to be hard to top, due to a near Halloween riot that I found myself smack dab in the middle of. Imagine the scene where they first get to Halloween Town in Nightmare Before Christmas, except instead of ghosts and ghouls singing and dancing there are drunk bros howling and nearly naked cops/nurses/maids/pilots/fairies/devils/angels/flappers/sailors/schoolgirls/soccerplayers/etc. I guess it goes without saying that Bellingham is a college town. What you woulden't expect however, is to see a whole gaggle of zombies take to the streets, stopping traffic, and bust out the Thriller dance lead by a pale, yet surprisingly mobile for a dead guy, zombie Michael Jackson.

I really have never seen anything like it. Cars were backed up all the way down Holly and the crowd that had amassed was so big that people were just climbing up onto the hoods and roofs to get a better view. I was a little scared that, once the cars started trying to get through the crowd, a riot was going to start but Ariel, The Little Mermaid, began a beautiful siren song to lead them to safety.

(George Washington {Dead}, Nun and Vampire)


sanja said...

omg youtube could you load any slower!!

stefanie p. warmouth said...

bellingham got so cool!!

do you know who any of the zombies were?

way to commit, bellingham. i'm impressed.

Jen said...

I was a lead zombie. Thanks for stumbling upon our madness :)

Advocatus D. said...

I'm pretty sure I know the guy who took that video. I have a class with him.

The Moth said...

Nope, I took that video and you don't have class with me because... well... I don't have class.

Advocatus D. said...

Oh. My mistake. Well then, I know the guy who took a similar video.

Anonymous said...

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