Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guitar Lessons

Lately, I have been thinking that with all of this demoing and recording going on it would be nice to find a fun way to make a little cash on the side. Unfortunately, due to the fact that what I do right now has both a hectic schedule and takes up a lot of time, the more traditional jobs that one could get don't really apply to my situation. Also, I think that the jobs that I would actually find fun are limited, regardless (Working at a CD store, instrument shop).

Anyway, I think that I am going to try something that I have always kind of wanted to do, which is start taking on a few students for guitar/songwriting lessons.

No musical experience is required at all, just a desire to learn and a love for music. I am looking for beginner to intermediate guitarists who are interested in more than just learning to shred, but in analyzing and deconstructing the songwriting process. There will be technical training as well, with mostly a focus on the creative side of things. Pretty much any genre that you are interested in we can explore; from punk to folk to postrock to pop.

Lessons are preferred to be weekly or biweekly, here in Bellingham. Price can be discussed once you shoot me an email. Contact Daniel = IdiotPilotLessons@hotmail.com


lostpilot said...

teaching is good in general! spreading the knowledge among those who do not know things.

by the way I know what else you should do! :) tab more idiotpilot songs.. so we fans could play them. now all can I do is turn the distortion on, and use my ears to replay what you play. I actually even managed to tab Recurring Dream, most of it. It felt good, playing it.. though of course it requires more than one guitar. Still fun!

Much love,

Chad said...

how much?

Keith said...

Damn, that's a great idea. I hope some Bellinghamsters take you up on it.

Keith said...


Larissa said...

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