Friday, October 24, 2008

Bjork Gets Scary

(Uh, you're being weird.)

I have been working on a mix of Halloween songs for a little Halloween get-together that I am going to be throwing pretty soon, and I had a realization that there are a lot of very spooky songs that get neglected for one unfortunate reason, you can't dance to them. During my search I stumbled upon this little gem of a song, which I used to listen to all of the time but just kind of forgot about. You certainly can't dance to it, but you might be able to cry to it, if that is your thing.

Scary by Bjork

This song is a b-side that came out in 1997 as part of the Scary was Bachlorette boxset. I have no idea how this could have gotten cut from a record, it is such a gorgeous song.

Weird and slightly random fact of the day: Did you know that Michel Gondry asked Björk to star The Science of Sleep, which he directed? She said no. Not making this up.


jimmy jimmy said...

do you think anyone ever says to brjork, "Oh, my God. You're SO random!"


david said...

Ooo, this song is kitschy, and i like that!

Evan Konrad said...

I actually just read that about The Science of Sleep the other day as well!

It's really too bad she said no, it would have made a great movie even more fantastic.

Was this song from Homogenic? Cuz I can see why they'd cut it if it was...they should have slipped it on Vespertine, that would have been epic.

Jack said...

Great song. "Storm" by Bjork scares the shit out of me too.