Friday, October 31, 2008

John McCain: 4th Grader

This happened yesterday, apparently. I guess if the McCain campaign wants to elevate the attacks they make beyond the level of a fourth grade playground argument they should probably fire Michael Goldfarb.

I guess the only downside to Obama winning the presidency is there won't be all this outrageous comic relief every day. Oh to live in a world where the real news is funnier than The Daily Show. You just can't make this shit up.

"I think we know who we are talking about here, Rick."

This is going to be my new method of winning arguments from now on.

"I think we know. I think we both know. It's cool. I think we both know. I think you know that I know we both know. No, it's cool, I know you know. We both know."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creepy Thing At Restaurant

Not very much explanation needed to enjoy this one. I found this picture online under the title: Creepy Thing At Restaurant. Hours of laughter ensued.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guitar Lessons

Lately, I have been thinking that with all of this demoing and recording going on it would be nice to find a fun way to make a little cash on the side. Unfortunately, due to the fact that what I do right now has both a hectic schedule and takes up a lot of time, the more traditional jobs that one could get don't really apply to my situation. Also, I think that the jobs that I would actually find fun are limited, regardless (Working at a CD store, instrument shop).

Anyway, I think that I am going to try something that I have always kind of wanted to do, which is start taking on a few students for guitar/songwriting lessons.

No musical experience is required at all, just a desire to learn and a love for music. I am looking for beginner to intermediate guitarists who are interested in more than just learning to shred, but in analyzing and deconstructing the songwriting process. There will be technical training as well, with mostly a focus on the creative side of things. Pretty much any genre that you are interested in we can explore; from punk to folk to postrock to pop.

Lessons are preferred to be weekly or biweekly, here in Bellingham. Price can be discussed once you shoot me an email. Contact Daniel =

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bjork Gets Scary

(Uh, you're being weird.)

I have been working on a mix of Halloween songs for a little Halloween get-together that I am going to be throwing pretty soon, and I had a realization that there are a lot of very spooky songs that get neglected for one unfortunate reason, you can't dance to them. During my search I stumbled upon this little gem of a song, which I used to listen to all of the time but just kind of forgot about. You certainly can't dance to it, but you might be able to cry to it, if that is your thing.

Scary by Bjork

This song is a b-side that came out in 1997 as part of the Scary was Bachlorette boxset. I have no idea how this could have gotten cut from a record, it is such a gorgeous song.

Weird and slightly random fact of the day: Did you know that Michel Gondry asked Björk to star The Science of Sleep, which he directed? She said no. Not making this up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post Randy Newman Post

Me and Haylee went to go see Randy Newman tonight and it was fucking fantastic. There was not a single song that I hoped would be in the set that wasn't there, from classics like Sail Away to the latest, like Harps And Angels. I came away solidified in my thinking that Randy Newman is, and will probably always be, one of the best pop songwriters that ever lived.

And yet despite all of this, there is still a lot about Randy that can easily be parodied. I really have never much liked Mad TV but this sketch is awesome. Unfortunately, the sound is kind of low quality, but it still comes across well.

Nice job, Will Sasso. Here is a killer clip of the real thing...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell, Porn, And The Best Picture Nomination For 2009

Well, I am sorry to say that I didn't think that W. was all that great of a movie, but it wasn't all that bad either (54% on Rotten Tomatoes right now). All of that acting was incredible though, especially Josh Brolin. One thing that I did like about it, though, is that it really showcases the face that, despite being a central part of the Bush administration, Colin Powell is a bad ass.

In a great little bit of coincidence, involving Powell's bad ass-ness, I discovered in the news this morning that the former Secretary of State himself has endorsed Barack Obama on Meet The Press. Not only that, but his reasoning behind the endorsement is very thoughtful and actually kind of moving. Here is a clip of that particular section of the interview. Starting at 4:30, things get beautiful; really an amazing point to make.

Alright, now that we've got all that serious stuff out of our system, let me turn your attention to this other little bit of silly entertainment news.

First, I have to give full credit to Dave for showing me this article. Don't want to steal Drori's thunder.

So Steven Sodenberg, Oscar award winning director of Traffic and Ocean's 11 has cast pornstar Sasha Grey in his newest film. Not only that, but she is the LEAD.

Sasha gave this quote in IGN: "To have the opportunity to work for an Academy Award-winning auteur is truly a great honor. I've been an admirer of Soderbergh's films for years, and I am elated that I have been given a leading role in a character-driven film."

Weird, but who knows. Maybe Steven was just so moved from her performance in Girlvana 4 that he couldn't help it. To be fair, the movie is about a high-price call girl, so maybe she will be great. Fingers crossed for the 2009 Oscars.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sound Of Music

Oops, sorry about that...


I know there is no excuse for me disappearing like that but I will try my best. Simply put, I have been working like crazy. Fortunately, for those of you who are familiar with what it is that I do for a living( and/or happen to enjoy it) this is ultimately good news for you. Recording, recording, recording; this has been the order of business for the last few weeks. At one point I even packed up all of my things and went over to a cabin on Orcas Island to record, with mixed results... if you would call a Marvin Gaye-style R&B slow-jam a result (I sure as hell would.) This album is really taking shape and growing legs and wings and possibly fangs. The demos are sounding like finished products and we haven't even really started to put on the polish. I have already found myself ordering the songs in iTunes and figuring out what should go where as far as tracklisting. It feels nice.

I have also been breaking up the outrageous recording schedule with visits to the local movie theater. "Quarantine" in particular, is much, much better than I think most reviews would have you believe, especially Jay Hernandez who I have thought was rad as hell ever since Hostel. He is also in Lakeview Terrace, yet another film that I pried myself away from the studio to see. Once again, I think that it is much better than the reviews make it out to be.

I have to cut myself short and hurry up to see Oliver Stone's W. right now. Talk again soon, I swear.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little Bill O'Reilly

This is so awesome. It's everything that rips about Papa Bear, but in smaller package! YES! We'll do it LIVE! FUCK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!

Oh hey, and the debates are coming up tomorrow. Get ready to witness one of the most embarrassing political crash landings of all time. If I had a TiVo I would have it all cued up and ready to go, but something tells me that Youtube is already going to be overflowing with Palinisms like I could have never imagined by tomorrow night.

(Bears! Yes!)