Monday, August 11, 2008

Top Secret Hot Hot Heat Remix By Yours Truly

Believe it or not there have been multiple occasions where I have been asked to either 1) do programming for a band's upcoming album, or 2) do a remix for a bands upcoming single. The reason you might not know this, though, is because my work hardly ever seems to get used and even though this may point to one thing, I can very confidently say that, no, it's not because my work sucks. To prove this point, I am going to post my favorite unused track and let you guys decide. This song is a remix I did for our friends in Hot Hot Heat, about a year ago, of a song called Let Me In off of the record Happiness Ltd. Just listen and try to tell me those horns aren't sick.

Let Me In (Daniel From Idiot Pilot Remix) by Hot Hot Heat

This remix is a How Long To Sing This Song exclusive, it has never been released and up until this point has been heard by very, very few people, so hopefully you'll enjoy it.


Jordan said...

Daniel, more please. Really.

Too sick for words.

Evan Konrad said...

Fantastic stuff Daniel, I love how you find the most unlikely samples (in my mind) and make them into something brilliant, you always seem to notice things that I never would, Fantastic!! it :) I want more

Chad said...

nice. reminds me of the boom bip remix of retina. which i am a huge fan of by the way.

Anonymous said...

This chorus is much better than the real one. Delicious bass.