Thursday, August 14, 2008

They Just Can't Stay Dead Can They?

So apparently both Friday The 13th and Nightmare On Elmstreet are currently getting remakes. I know that this is actually pretty old news but what is new is that according to Robert Eglund, otherwise known as the original Freddy Kruger, Billy Bob Thornton is probably going to be taking his place in the remake of "Nightmare". My reaction: That's kind of weird, but why not? Honestly though, Robert Eglund owns that character so much that I think they could probably just have him back, although that might make some people not view the new films as much of a remake like the studio wants.

I also just came across this screen shot from the new Friday The 13th remake.

Fucking sweet. Anyone familiar with the original series, or who just remembers the opening sequence from Scream, will notice that they are skipping past the whole first Friday The 13th because Jason isn't even really in it except for like 2 seconds at the end. Not only that, Jason doesn't even start wearing a mask until the third one, up until that point he just wears a bag sack over his head.

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