Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Soundtrack To Nate And Natalie's Big Beautiful Universe

So this here is a clip from a movie that my buddy Jimmy did about two years ago (Right? Two years? I am so bad with time that I seriously don't even know if this is correct. Maybe it's three.) It is called Nate and Natalie and it stars my other friend Sage and my ex Stefanie, who are both featured in this particular selection. I am posting this because I was responseable for the score to this film, and I have always been particularly proud of my work in this scene. The feeling tone is supposed to be very emotional and powerful but also uplifting, like an optomistic look into the future from the very distant past, or vice versa. It's emotionally abstract, and yet I think that the song that I wrote for this part totally captures that hard to describe feeling. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you like it.


Karl said...

"And it all takes place in outer space."

jimmy jimmy said...

1. this has always been my favorite scene, especially in thanks to your score. you hit it out of the park times a million.
2. well played, karl.
3. this is very flattering. i'm really happy you posted this. thanks, daniel.

The MBS said...

kind of reminded me of thomas newman's score for american beauty in a way. the music totally made that scene though. don't know who wrote the scene, but it thought provoking to say the least! :)