Sunday, August 24, 2008

Skunk: 1990 - 2008

Skunk Anderson was a very close to me. He was a stray cat, and I was the one who found him when I was just about four years old, meowing and whining from under a low hanging tree. I climbed in and found him, probably just weeks after being born and I brought him inside. I named him Skunk because of the white line that used to streak down his back. It eventually faded away, though, causing much confusion later on in life as to why he had such a strange name.

When Skunk was a kitten I would play with him a lot. I liked to build mazes out of blankets and blocks and start him at one end, then see if he could make it out the other. Normally, though, he woulds just hang out in there.

(Jungle cat)

As Skunk got older he became a bit of a grump. His favorite thing to do was to let you pet his belly as he purred and waved his ail lovingly, and just as you would let your guard down he would attack, biting at your hand before you could even think about pulling it out of harms way. Eventually he lost all of his teeth though, and nobody really seemed to mind being gummed so Skunk eventually gave up that whole gag.

He was a fighter, too. In his prime, Skunk would stalk the neighborhood. He was constantly coming home with more and more battle wounds, but he was also tough and the little nibbles that we would find on his ears never seemed to phase him.

Skunk has been on his way out for about a month. I think we could all see it coming. The usually hefty feline had withered down to almost nothing and he was having trouble getting around. Even then though, he brought us joy with his constant meowing and general weirdness. He had the best sense of humor out of any cat I've ever known, and I think he was in on it. I would like to remember Skunk as the Norm MacDonald of my the pets in my life (See a few posts down).

Goodbye Skunk, rest in peace. We love you.


Joel said...

That's really sad. I have a cat also found as a stray. We named him "Kitty".... yea, I know, not very creative. Best cat ever though. Laziest in the world. Sorry to hear about that. Skunk looked cool.:(

stefanie p. warmouth said...

i hate to nit-pick... but i think you may have meant 1990-2008. otherwise that would put skunk at the amazing age of 28. granted, he seemed that old.

i'll miss 'im.

Stu said...

Sorry to hear your cat passed on, it's shit to see a pet finding it hard to get about, been there done that. Skunk looked like my cat, Henry, also 18.

Joel, 'Kitty' is a sick name for a cat, as is 'Jonty'.

The Moth said...

Ha ha, Stef, you always help me fix my posts

dontdancetotheradio said...

Are you sure the white streak faded away? Maybe your parents switched it while you were away after an unfortunate incident? I've had that happen to me before. Sad times.