Sunday, August 3, 2008

Going Away Party


If you all can recall, I posted a blog with the trailer for the series finale of The New Guys, a fictional show that more or less revolves around my friend Dave's life. Well, we had the party last night, and needless to say that a lot of the things they showed in the trailer must have been cut before the final broadcast. I didn't confess my love to Dave, Stefanie didn't have a baby, Little Stef and Karl didn't do it in their Star Trek uniforms and Jimmy didn't shave his head and climb on the roof with a gun (although I did leave a little early, so maybe a few of these are up in the air). I made a video of the party in case you guys were curious to see what did actually happen, starting with the whiffle ball game earlier in the day.


stefanie p. warmouth said...

amazing! i hope you don't mind i blogged it myself.

mant said...

god i wish jimmy's whole speech was in this video.

that was a speech for all time. classic.

Chad said...

i thought this was going to turn into cloverfield

david said...

i'm glad you got some behind the scenes footage for the season 4 dvd. it'll be good for the "making of" featurette.

jimmy jimmy said...

"hey, mike! it's me, jimmy!"

how do i have friends? i'm the dorkiest person ever.

unbelievable post, by the way. top 5 of 2008 material, for sure.