Monday, August 4, 2008

Death Salad

I just read in the news today that a British celebrity Chef by the name of Anthony Worrall Thompson made a massive mistake in an interview he gave to Healthy and Organic Living magazine. In the recently printed interview he made a very serious misstatement about what might taste good in your next salad. I think that the correction posted today on the Healthy And Organic Living website says it all.


In H&OL7 p60 Antony Worral Thompson recommends using henbane in salads. In fact henbane is a very toxic plant and should never been eaten. As always, check with an expert when foraging or collecting wild plants."

Henbane, also know as "killer of hens" is a very toxic plant that causes "hallucinations, drowsiness and disorientation if ingested. Large doses can kill." Apparently, what Thompson meant to say was Fat Hen, a type of spinach. I certainly hope for his sake that the Healthy And Organic Living website gets a lot of hits.

("Salad" by Till Nowak)

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