Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Assembly Line

So this band of mine, you know, Idiot Pilot, is playing a show in Bellingham, Washington on the 23rd of August. I am very excited about this and I want all of you reading to make sure and come out that night for the party. It is going to be taking place at The Nightlight, which is no longer a bar but is now functioning as an all-ages venue, awesome. Also, we are going to be playing with our good friends from No-Fi Soul Rebellion that night.

I was thinking about this show coming up, and how excited I am to be playing with No-Fi again, when it suddenly hit me that I have a prefect little tune to post in this here blog of mine. A while ago Mike and I got together with Mark, from No-Fi Soul Rebellion, as well as The Educators (now Somebody Cares), and we all recorded a song together. We decided to call ourselves The Assembly Line and the track we came up with is titled Been Spattin'. That track sat around for a while, just collecting dust, but it finally found a home on the Music From The Center Of The Universe compilation, a collection of songs from bands who happen to all call Bellingham home...

So here it is, for your listening pleasure, Been Spattin' by The Assembly Line.


Joel said...

love it. for some reason the chorus reminds me of a Beck song.

Anonymous said...

there's already a band called the assembly line..

The Moth said...

uh oh, now there are two! oh shit!

Aj South said...

woah, that dude can rap

most white folks make me loose faith in hip hop when they rhyme

...thanks for leaking that man

(speaking of rapping crackers... i rap too -