Friday, February 8, 2008

Ten Times Better Than An Axe In The Face

Whoa, I really am just absolutely horrible at this blogging stuff.

At least I try, though. For the time being I just wanted to post something short and sweet, and seeing as the last post I made, all that way back in November, was about Sufjan Stevens; what better artist to post about now than good ol' Suf.

Like most people who have seen Friday The 13th, when I hear the words "Crystal Lake" the first thing I picture is this kooky guy:


Thankfully, I have found just the thing to extract Jason and his burly axe from the dark rescesses of your pysche. Below is a video for the instrumental song "The Palm Sunday Tornado Hits Crystal Lake" from The Avalance, which is an album of outakes from 2005s, Illinois. It is a fucking beauitful song and the video coulden't have been more appropriate in my opinion. Very subtle and elegant and awesome and not a hockey mask in sight. Check it out:

Here is the track in Mp3 form:

The Palm Sunday Tornado Hits Crystal Lake by Sufjan Stevens

Buy The Avalance here, as well as the DVD "Encyclopedia Asthmatica" which comes out in a couple of weeks. It has the video for Palm Sunday and a whole slew of other Sufjan videos as well as videos from other Asthmatic Kitty Records artists.