Sunday, December 28, 2008

Darkhorse 2008: Bob Dylan

A few days ago I posted a list of my top ten favorite albums of the year, complete with the warning that I had not yet heard all of that great albums that were released this year and that my list could be subject to retractions over the next 5 or so days left. Well, lighting struck in the form of Bob Dylan's new release, "The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs" , a collection of bootlegs, b-sides and the like from across his carrier. Consider my entire previous list to be moved down by one, because this little guy is the new star on the top of the tree. Well, maybe not over Harps And Angels, yet, but it is up there and I just got it today so we will see.

Anyway, the fact that these tracks were never released until now is unreal, almost as much as the fact that this bootleg series is 8 albums in and they can still fill a double disc with shit this good (To be fair, none of the tracks were recorded before 1982, so maybe some of the earlier tunes are tapped dry.)

Bob Dylan - Mississippi

So if you see this staring back at you from the shelf at your local record store, then be sure to pick it up.

It even has a track where Dylan cops U2. No joke, check out "Someday Baby".

On a totally unrelated note, you should all go and see Benjamin Button, it's great.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Top 5 Christmas Jams

I spent all yesterday wrapping presents and listening to some Christmas jams, and I decided that I would put together a list of my top 5 Christmas songs for you guys. Keep in mind these are just my favorite Christmas songs, not the best ones that there are because that would make number one probably... Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas? Judy Garland? Happy Christmas by John Lennon? I don't know. Anyway, this isn't that list, this is my list. Enjoy.

5)Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time! - Sufjan Stevens

4)Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) - U2

3)Merry Christmas Baby - Otis Redding

2) Santa Clause Is Coming To Town - Bruce Springsteen

1)That Was The Worst Christmas Ever - Sufjan Stevens

Congratulations to Sufjan Stevens for making the list twice. I highly recommend picking up his 5 CD Christmas box set, which you can get here. It's only 19 dollars so you really have no excuse not to. Also, remember to check out Idiot Pilot's version of White Christmas, which is available for free right here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sushi Snow Day

Oh, how I love Bellingham when it snows!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Top Ten Albums Of 2008!

Alright! It's just about that time when everyone is putting together there "Best Of" lists for 2008. I am going to throw my hat into the ring right now, but keep in mind, I didn't really listen to a lot of new records this year (Whoa, I always end up saying that don't I? What the fuck kind of musician am I?). I am including a sample track with each one, so if you guys like what you year then go pick up the record for yourself. Also, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, or post a list of your own.

1) David Byrne And Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

David Byrne is one of the world's greatest lyricist and on top of that, these are some of his best lyrics, and Eno does a great job of controlling the ambiance that he so long ago pioneered. If you don't already think this is one of the best records either of these guys has made then just listen to it back to back with 1981s "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts", Yeesh.

Life Is Long By David Byrne And Brian Eno

2) Randy Newman - Harps And Angels

This is such an amazing return to form for Randy Newman. Most of the attention here has been given to the track "A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country," which is an amazing song, but where this album really shines is in the little gems like "Losing You" or the closing track "Feels Like Home."

Harps And Angels by Randy Newman

3) Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

It's pretty shocking to think that my second favorite record of the year could be recorded in a week short weeks and then given out for free, but that is the way that music is moving and this is what we have to show for it. Ironically, an album about the bleakness of the future is actually a sign of how great it can be.

Echoplex by Nine Inch Nails

4) Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Once again Brian Eno lends his brilliance to another of the years best records. I think that Coldplay get's a bad wrap for being derivative when really they just want to be a pop band and write anthems, and who can't relate to that? Regardless, there are more than enough creative choices on this album to turn that expectation on it's head.

Death And All Of His Friends by Coldplay

5) N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds

The production on this thing is incredible and once I get this on rotation it is hard to get it out. This record does an amazing job of keeping all of the songs in the same world, while simultaneously making sure that every track is different and distinct.

Spaz by N.E.R.D.

6) Sigur Ros - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

How kick ass is it that Sigur Ros finally just came out and named a song Gobbledigook? Although not as shining as there other offerings, this record is great. What it really shows is that you can take off all of the reverb and slow tempos and Sigur Ros is still one of the best bands of this lifetime.

Gobbledigook by Sigur Ros

7) Weezer - (The Red Album)

"The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" is the sickest song ever written, and if you don't get it then that's your problem, not the Weez.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived by Weezer

8) Narrow Stairs - Death Cab For Cutie

I tend to really not like Death Cab's choice in singles and so I always come into there records thinking that I am going to be bummed, and I am consistently proven wrong. "Cath..." is a really beautiful song and reminds me so much of seeing them play really tiny little shows here in Bellingham.

Cath... by Death Cab For Cutie

9) Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Liberation Of Niggy Tardust

Some of the tracks on this album are hit or miss to me, but the lyrics are pretty consistently amazing, and the pissed off irony of The Ritual is enough for this to land a spot on my list.

The Ritual

10) Conor Oberst - Conor Oberst

This record is awesome. Thank god that there are still people writing country music with a heart instead of the disturbing "Crossover" stuff that you see on CMT. The really sad part, though, is that Country is so diluted and fucked by now, most people wouldn't even notice that that is what Oberst writes. Yee-ha!

Souled Out!!! by Conor Oberst

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Word With The Dungeon Master

So the Dungeons And Dragons campaign that I have been doing is fucking rad. Last night everyone killed the fuck out of some hobgoblins hiding out in the ruins of an old jail. Yes! Anyway, I got some sweet video footage of Karl the wizard having a word with me. See if you can spot Karl, Mike, Haylee, Ryan and Little Steph. Oh wait, nevermind, most of you don't know them, but they are there, trust me.

Also, I just found this documentary that is online about D&D. It's in multiple parts and is pretty long so I haven't gotten a chance to watch the whole thing but it looks rad. It shows what an amazing experience Dungeons and Dragons is in the minds of so many people...

And then I found this video that shows what it's really like...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You Think You're Glass Fucking Jaw

I don't even listen to half of the heavy bands that I used to. It's not that I feel out of love with heavy stuff, not at all, I think it's more that at this point I can't really see anyone who has creatively stepped up to the plate like band's I love. Norma Jean still rips, The Blood Brothers still rip (even if they broke up), Dillinger Escape Plan still rips, Deftones still rip. The thing that ties all of these artists together is innovation and a firm understand that volume doesn't necessarily mean emotion. Regardless of the genre you still need to be a good songwriter and no amount of "junn junn neer neer" is going to save you from that.

Another innovative hardcore band that has been out of commission for a while is Glassjaw. I absolutely love Glassjaw and I think that Daryl Palumbo is one of the most emotive singers I have ever heard, especially on the record Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence. Imagine if you took Mike Patton, made him incredibly pissed, and then gave him a possibly terminal illness. If anything about Glassjaw sounds derivative to you I would say that, nine times out of ten, your are actually hearing someone else being derivative of Glassjaw (The tenth time being Faith No More because, yeah, they do take a lot from them.)

Anyway, there is a new Glassjaw track that showed up online a while ago and it is pretty sweet so I wanted to post it. I also wanted to post another track by them just so those of you who haven't heard the band before can get a better idea. If you like what you hear then I highly, highly recommend getting there records.

You Think You're John Fucking Lennon - Glassjaw

Motel Of The White Locust - Glassjaw

Note: If you want to know what it sounds like to hear someone vomit there still-beating heart up out of there stomach and into a microphone then stab it to death an a blind misogynistic rage of utter emotional transparency, then check out 1:49. Not for the faith of heart or those prone to fits of epileptic seizure, but definitely for those who want to see art at it's finest. You have been warned.

One last thing of note. Something that nearly all of the artists I mentioned above have in common (The Blood Brothers, Norma Jean, Deftones, Glassjaw) is Ross Robinson. I am fortunate enough to call Ross one of my dearest friends and, first and foremost, that is what he means to me. In a more universal sense, though, the things that Robinson has done to promote the survival of a heart and soul in heavy music are so vast that they may never fully be understood. There is little I can say here to really touch the tip of the iceberg that is Robinson's influence, but what I can say is that if you have been moved by a metal or hardcore song in the last 10 or 15 years you can give just a little bit of thanks to Ross Robinson.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Mist

Speaking of the end of days, I finally got around to watching Stephen King's The Mist last night. I had been avoiding this movie for quite a while to nothing other than the fact that based on the previews I had seen, the CGI looked terrible.

Well, I watched it last night and yes, the CGI, still looks terrible, but other than that it is a great, great horror movie. What I liked the most though, is not just that it was a great horror movie, but a great monster movie.

I miss monster movies. If slasher movies are the horror equivalent to a cheeseburger (Sure, sushi is amazing, but sometimes you just want a big dumb cheeseburger), then monster movies are the hot dogs. Does that make any sense? Well, it does to me. And the great thing about The Mist is that, yes, it looks like a hot dog, but when you bite into it you suddenly realize that, oh hey, this is some sort of rad polish sausage with artichoke and herbs mixed in.

Anyway, The Mist is actually great, and to the few of you that haven't yet seen or already decided to completely write it off, I would suggest going out and renting it. One word of warning (and actually, maybe this is why I liked it so much), be ready to use your imagination and suspend disbelief a little bit, because the CGI is BAD. If you can get past that then the monsters are beautifully disturbing and creative, and if you can suspend belief even more than the eventual explanation of what is going on is a nice little slice of science fiction wonderment. The characters are great, serving as a nice little microcosm for all of humankind, and the films overall statement is interesting. It also doesn't make any cop out's at all, and in that way it is surprisingly brutal because once you've seen it you would think that the studio's would have a fucking fit. Fortunately, Director Frank Darabont has enough pull from doing The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile that that didn't happen.

Stephen King's original story is very well respected in this adaption, as well, and his whole "we're just a bunch of townies up in the middle of nowhere, Maine" thing is in full effect. It really made me miss reading his stuff, which I haven't really done in years. Another thing I noticed while watching this is that this is King's attempt at the world of H.P. Lovecraft, but I guess without giving too much away that is all that I can say about that.

Anyway, The Mist, there ya go. If you like weird beast's then you should start getting stoked.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The End Of The World

Stu posted this in the Idiot Pilot forum...

I dearly hope that I had nothing to do with the influencing of this band. God, shoot me now. This is the most unbelieveibly dismal thing that I have ever seen, and no, it's not a clever joke, kids actually think this is cool.

It literally sends shivers down my spine. The End Of Day's has offically started.

Star Trek: The Wrath Of Me... Getting Stoked

I know that it has been a little while since this first made it's way online, but better late than never.

I am so fucking stoked for the new Star Trek movie, even despite the fact that it is original series and not Next Generation. I'm going to miss Data, but I think that Simon Pegg playing Scotty is going to blow my mind enough to make me forget eventually. Anyway, check this out:

And speaking of things that J.J. Abrams does, yes, Lost is coming back. More on that later...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have made a lot of art in my day (I guess I am still only 22, so it's more like a morning or an afternoon at this point, not really a full day), and that art has offended people on more than one occasion. Musically, Idiot Pilot has combined a lot of styles and genres that some people can't handle or understand. We have done and said things on stage and in interviews that some mothers would probably cover their children's ears over. Nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, my paintings have had there moments of gore and violence, but even the most visceral ones have left me feeling comfortable. No longer. After finishing my newest, three piece series, I have finally created something and thought, "Whoa, that is a little over the top, don't you think?"

Well, yes, I do think so, but that is kind of the point. Besides, some of the best humor thrives in excess.

Anyways, I proudly present to you, "True Love"

Details of part 2...

More detail...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Top Three Falls Of The Moment

One thing that I love about watching people fall down is that it is truly, a timeless form of humor. I bet the first time someone ever laughed, you know, some caveman somewhere, was watching someone else fall down. From then, to Charlie Chaplin, to Kramer and beyond, slipping on a banana peel or whatever else you have laying around will always be one of those great jokes. In honor of this I have decided to, tonight, post my top three falls of the moment.

3. Column Climber

2. Escalator Faceplant

I know that this guy was just trying to do a cool trick, when you imagine that he wasn't trying to do anything other than dive down a whole flight of stairs onto his face, the hilarity reaches new heights. Just try it.

1. Big Lady Sings Her Way Off Table

My god, that was a hard fall.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

White Christmas!

Happy holidays everyone!

Mike and I have decided to treat you all to a very special gift, in the form of a free song, to warm you up over these chilly December nights. Download it, share it with your friends, burn it onto a mix with of all of your favorite holiday songs, whatever you want. Thank you all so much with your patience as we dig deep into recording this new record. It is going to be worth the wait, we promise.

So without further ado we present, with love, White Christmas. Just click on the link below and start listening!

White Meat, Dark Meat, All Will Be Carved

It's that special day again, that special day when I get an excuse to post a wonderful little fake trailer done by none other than my favorite director, Eli Roth. I really wish that this was a real movie, but alas, it's not. If you are a fan of gratuitous horror films that take a random holiday and turn it into a low budget, b-movie slasher, you will get it. On the other hand, if you have a weak stomach or are easily offended, you might want to skip this one. Seriously.

No, seriously.

Seriously, though.

Alright, you have been warned.

This fake trailer appeared in the movie Grindhouse, along with a few others that are also very well done. Below is the trailer done by Edgar Wright, the director of Shawn Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movin' On Up

Believe it or not, this clumsy little game of Tetris is the 7th highest score ever caught on tape, despite the fact that I was fucking up left and right. Number one here I come!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I just recently purchased the core rulebooks for the 4th, and most recent, edition of Dungeons and Dragons. The guy at the hobby store said that he essentially hated all of the changes and was going to continue playing 3rd edition, while he had friends that couldn't be more thrilled, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I cracked open the Players Handbook to learn the new rules.

I am still reading, so I can't speak with much authority, but based on what I know so far I really love this edition. I think that is definitely the best so far. Dungeons and Dragons is still basically the same game but with utterly different rules, and a few new classes and races.

Most notable are the addition of three new playable races, the Dragonborn, the Eladrin, and the Tieflings.

The Dragonborn are a humanoid, dragon-like race made up of warriors who value honor above almost all else. In that regard, they function in a similar fashion to the Klingon's in Star Trek. Unlike Klingon's though, who are fairly off putting to other factions around the galaxy, the Dragonborn are very well liked and very charismatic made evident by the fact that despite being cover by scales, they have a +2 bonus to Charisma. I think that if I wasn't a DM (Dungeon Master, to those of you who aren't in the the know), I would love to play a Dragonborn character, if only for the fact that you get a special breath weapon at the start of the game and you get to choose what it is, either acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison. Bad ass.

If I wasn't going to play a Dragonborn though, my next choice would be an Eladrin, the second of the new D&D races. The Eladrin are similar to the Elves of earlier Dungeons and Dragons editions in a lot of ways, but with more of an emphasis on there otherworldly, alien nature. Even though they have the same slender build and pointy ears, the Eladrin race feels more closely linked to the fairies and fey creatures. They have incredible dexterity and begin the game with an automatic teleportation ability. I can imagine that that would come in handy on the battle field.

Lastly is the Tiefling. The Tieflings are a humanoid race from an "infernal bloodline." According to what I have read so far in the rulebooks, the Tieflings are descendants of an ancient kingdom that made a pact with the demons (there are multiple gods and devils in D&D) in exchange for some sort of power or wealth; the usual pact with the devil thing, I'm sure. The exchange ended up causing them to grow horns and have a reddish skin pigment. They also have some attack ability specific to there race where they get considerable attack bonuses to creatures that have already made a successful hit against them. It's a revenge thing I guess. Tieflings are pissed.

All of the races that were already there have been altered in pretty interesting ways, and I like almost all of them. The race of Half-Orc is no longer playable, which certainly dosent bother me at all. I can't wait until I finish reading and start up the weekly game that we are going to be running, think of all the nerdy blogs I can post then!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tetris World Record Trial Run


Yesterday, I went looking around Bellingham for a Nintendo and ended up finding one at Reset Games, off Sunset. Today was my first attempt at the NES Tetris world record (or runner up, second place is fine with me too) and I feel like even though I haven't played for a really long time, I had no trouble getting back into the saddle pretty quickly. How quickly, you might ask? Well, I think it's probably best summed up with this video of me getting the 9th highest NES Tetris score ever recorded.

(Yes, I sped the video up. It was long.)

I think I can do better so I am going to hold off on sending this to Twin Galaxies just yet. More updates to come.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

World Record In Geekiness

I have loved video games ever since I was a kid. I remember coming downstairs at my cousins house while they were playing Mario 3, on the NES, seeing it for the first time and not even knowing with to do with myself. It was enthralling, not just to play but to watch, and to imagine the possibilities that lied within the fact that with nothing but a tiny little controller you could command the actions of what was unfolding on screen.

As time went on I continued to love gaming, although in the last few years my interest has dwindled, probably due to the fact that I am so fucking busy now. One thing that I still make time for, though, is sitting down and playing through some of the classic games on an old Nintendo, if I can find one.

Me, Karl, and Dave started a habit of sitting down to chill and play Tetris on most nights, going head to head over our top scores and passing the controller around. Karl and I eventually got to the point where nobody could touch our scores, and we stayed there for a while, posting our all time top scores above the TV with tape so we could try to beat it later. Not long after that, though, my playing reached a new level and even Karl was getting left behind. My scores were reaching nearly unheard of heights, rivaled only by fuzzily recollected stories of friends or relatives who had supposedly gotten higher ones back in the day. The top score that I got, on the NES version of Tetris, was 620 thousand and some odd change.

Daniel Anderson - 620,XXX

Now, I thought that this was probably a pretty good score, but I wanted to see it in context. I searched online and found all sorts of claims that blew mine out of the water, including several 999,999 point games. I found videos too, but nothing offically verified and I wasn't sure which system some of them were on, because that changes the point structure and the difficulty greatly. Eventually I just gave up. It was Stefanie's NES, and she moved, and I kind of just stopped playing and forgot about it.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I sit down with a documentary that I had long wanted to see, "The King Of Kong: Fistful Of Quarters." The film follows the long held rivalry between long time Donkey Kong record holder Billy Mitchell and the underdog Steve Wiebe. It is a really amazing and fascinating movie and is surprisingly moving. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in either gaming, documentaries, or metaphors for the fall of Western Civilization.

Obviously, the ladies are flocking to these events.

Much of the film, however, is about the creation and current management of the official world record scoreboard for gaming, called Twin Galaxies. Twin Galaxies is a website that reviews submitted video, as well as participating in live competitive events, to determine the highest official score of nearly every game that you could think of. All of this talk of world records holders and official scores sparked something in me, so I cruised over to Twin Galaxies to check out there scoreboard for NES Tetris, fully expecting to be greeted by a sea of 999,999 through 999,990's. This is what I found...

1 - 977,427 - Harry J. Hong - 12/26/2007
2 - 620,260 - Ted Sotoropolis - 03/27/2005
3 - 606,061 - Jesse A Kelkar - 03/02/2008
4 - 571,450 - Mike J Hayes - 03/29/2006
5 - 550,338 - Michael Sulpher - 02/26/2005

I am shocked. I just discovered that if I would have had a camera running on some of these nights, I would hold the second highest NES Tetris score in the world.

I am going to either go out to my cabin, where the old NES is, and bring it home, or I am going to head out and try to find one at a pawn shop. I am then going to set up a video camera and get to work, and I am going to record that score. I hope that the world is ready for a new Tetris Champion.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New The Ghost And The Grace Cover Song!

Most of the people that I run into on the street, and who I haven't seen in a while, will usually ask me how Idiot Pilot is going which is, obviously, very nice. Every once in a while though, someone special will come along, someone who pays close attention, and ask me, "What is going on with The Ghost And The Grace?" This is very sweet. Thank you for paying attention and thank you for caring and I am very sorry that I usually don't have very much to say. There is only so much time in the day and right now Idiot Pilot is the main priority. I am sorry for the excuses but it's the truth.

Anyway, I am still working on The Ghost And The Grace material when I have time, and I wanted to record something that I could give away for free to all of you loyal blog readers and to everyone who takes the time to ask me how The Ghost And The Grace is going.

So anyway, this is a cover of one of my favorite songs by Huey Lewis And The News. Hopefully it can hold you over for a while. Enjoy!

Hip To Be Square by The Ghost And The Grace

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Worst Move Ever

This video has been getting me super pumped lately. Even though I know what is going to happen because I have watched it many times, I still can't keep from holding my breath.

Sometimes when I am in Vegas I get really carried away. This is almost always preceded by my announcement of, "Okay, now lets go over to the high roller slots and do just one big pull." This has only been a good idea once, and then again, slots are never really a good idea are they? My point is, I know how shitty it is to lose a lot of money in very little time. What I don't know, though, is what it feels like to lose half a million dollars in less than a second. Bummer dude.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Thriller In Downtown Bellingham

What a wonderful night Halloween is. Every time it rolls around I swear up and down that it is my favorite holiday, and then by Christmas time when I am sitting around with hot chocolate by the fire, listening to Christmas songs, I change my mind. Of course, ten months later when Halloween is back I change my mind again.

This year, however is going to be hard to top, due to a near Halloween riot that I found myself smack dab in the middle of. Imagine the scene where they first get to Halloween Town in Nightmare Before Christmas, except instead of ghosts and ghouls singing and dancing there are drunk bros howling and nearly naked cops/nurses/maids/pilots/fairies/devils/angels/flappers/sailors/schoolgirls/soccerplayers/etc. I guess it goes without saying that Bellingham is a college town. What you woulden't expect however, is to see a whole gaggle of zombies take to the streets, stopping traffic, and bust out the Thriller dance lead by a pale, yet surprisingly mobile for a dead guy, zombie Michael Jackson.

I really have never seen anything like it. Cars were backed up all the way down Holly and the crowd that had amassed was so big that people were just climbing up onto the hoods and roofs to get a better view. I was a little scared that, once the cars started trying to get through the crowd, a riot was going to start but Ariel, The Little Mermaid, began a beautiful siren song to lead them to safety.

(George Washington {Dead}, Nun and Vampire)

Friday, October 31, 2008

John McCain: 4th Grader

This happened yesterday, apparently. I guess if the McCain campaign wants to elevate the attacks they make beyond the level of a fourth grade playground argument they should probably fire Michael Goldfarb.

I guess the only downside to Obama winning the presidency is there won't be all this outrageous comic relief every day. Oh to live in a world where the real news is funnier than The Daily Show. You just can't make this shit up.

"I think we know who we are talking about here, Rick."

This is going to be my new method of winning arguments from now on.

"I think we know. I think we both know. It's cool. I think we both know. I think you know that I know we both know. No, it's cool, I know you know. We both know."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creepy Thing At Restaurant

Not very much explanation needed to enjoy this one. I found this picture online under the title: Creepy Thing At Restaurant. Hours of laughter ensued.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guitar Lessons

Lately, I have been thinking that with all of this demoing and recording going on it would be nice to find a fun way to make a little cash on the side. Unfortunately, due to the fact that what I do right now has both a hectic schedule and takes up a lot of time, the more traditional jobs that one could get don't really apply to my situation. Also, I think that the jobs that I would actually find fun are limited, regardless (Working at a CD store, instrument shop).

Anyway, I think that I am going to try something that I have always kind of wanted to do, which is start taking on a few students for guitar/songwriting lessons.

No musical experience is required at all, just a desire to learn and a love for music. I am looking for beginner to intermediate guitarists who are interested in more than just learning to shred, but in analyzing and deconstructing the songwriting process. There will be technical training as well, with mostly a focus on the creative side of things. Pretty much any genre that you are interested in we can explore; from punk to folk to postrock to pop.

Lessons are preferred to be weekly or biweekly, here in Bellingham. Price can be discussed once you shoot me an email. Contact Daniel =

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bjork Gets Scary

(Uh, you're being weird.)

I have been working on a mix of Halloween songs for a little Halloween get-together that I am going to be throwing pretty soon, and I had a realization that there are a lot of very spooky songs that get neglected for one unfortunate reason, you can't dance to them. During my search I stumbled upon this little gem of a song, which I used to listen to all of the time but just kind of forgot about. You certainly can't dance to it, but you might be able to cry to it, if that is your thing.

Scary by Bjork

This song is a b-side that came out in 1997 as part of the Scary was Bachlorette boxset. I have no idea how this could have gotten cut from a record, it is such a gorgeous song.

Weird and slightly random fact of the day: Did you know that Michel Gondry asked Björk to star The Science of Sleep, which he directed? She said no. Not making this up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post Randy Newman Post

Me and Haylee went to go see Randy Newman tonight and it was fucking fantastic. There was not a single song that I hoped would be in the set that wasn't there, from classics like Sail Away to the latest, like Harps And Angels. I came away solidified in my thinking that Randy Newman is, and will probably always be, one of the best pop songwriters that ever lived.

And yet despite all of this, there is still a lot about Randy that can easily be parodied. I really have never much liked Mad TV but this sketch is awesome. Unfortunately, the sound is kind of low quality, but it still comes across well.

Nice job, Will Sasso. Here is a killer clip of the real thing...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell, Porn, And The Best Picture Nomination For 2009

Well, I am sorry to say that I didn't think that W. was all that great of a movie, but it wasn't all that bad either (54% on Rotten Tomatoes right now). All of that acting was incredible though, especially Josh Brolin. One thing that I did like about it, though, is that it really showcases the face that, despite being a central part of the Bush administration, Colin Powell is a bad ass.

In a great little bit of coincidence, involving Powell's bad ass-ness, I discovered in the news this morning that the former Secretary of State himself has endorsed Barack Obama on Meet The Press. Not only that, but his reasoning behind the endorsement is very thoughtful and actually kind of moving. Here is a clip of that particular section of the interview. Starting at 4:30, things get beautiful; really an amazing point to make.

Alright, now that we've got all that serious stuff out of our system, let me turn your attention to this other little bit of silly entertainment news.

First, I have to give full credit to Dave for showing me this article. Don't want to steal Drori's thunder.

So Steven Sodenberg, Oscar award winning director of Traffic and Ocean's 11 has cast pornstar Sasha Grey in his newest film. Not only that, but she is the LEAD.

Sasha gave this quote in IGN: "To have the opportunity to work for an Academy Award-winning auteur is truly a great honor. I've been an admirer of Soderbergh's films for years, and I am elated that I have been given a leading role in a character-driven film."

Weird, but who knows. Maybe Steven was just so moved from her performance in Girlvana 4 that he couldn't help it. To be fair, the movie is about a high-price call girl, so maybe she will be great. Fingers crossed for the 2009 Oscars.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sound Of Music

Oops, sorry about that...


I know there is no excuse for me disappearing like that but I will try my best. Simply put, I have been working like crazy. Fortunately, for those of you who are familiar with what it is that I do for a living( and/or happen to enjoy it) this is ultimately good news for you. Recording, recording, recording; this has been the order of business for the last few weeks. At one point I even packed up all of my things and went over to a cabin on Orcas Island to record, with mixed results... if you would call a Marvin Gaye-style R&B slow-jam a result (I sure as hell would.) This album is really taking shape and growing legs and wings and possibly fangs. The demos are sounding like finished products and we haven't even really started to put on the polish. I have already found myself ordering the songs in iTunes and figuring out what should go where as far as tracklisting. It feels nice.

I have also been breaking up the outrageous recording schedule with visits to the local movie theater. "Quarantine" in particular, is much, much better than I think most reviews would have you believe, especially Jay Hernandez who I have thought was rad as hell ever since Hostel. He is also in Lakeview Terrace, yet another film that I pried myself away from the studio to see. Once again, I think that it is much better than the reviews make it out to be.

I have to cut myself short and hurry up to see Oliver Stone's W. right now. Talk again soon, I swear.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little Bill O'Reilly

This is so awesome. It's everything that rips about Papa Bear, but in smaller package! YES! We'll do it LIVE! FUCK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!

Oh hey, and the debates are coming up tomorrow. Get ready to witness one of the most embarrassing political crash landings of all time. If I had a TiVo I would have it all cued up and ready to go, but something tells me that Youtube is already going to be overflowing with Palinisms like I could have never imagined by tomorrow night.

(Bears! Yes!)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

American Psycho > Spider Man

Apparently, my favorite book, American Psycho, is currently being adapted for the stage. According to several sources the rights to the Bret Easton Ellis story has already been purchased and is expected to have a 2010 opening. I am so fucking stoked. This might be worth the cost of a plane ticket across the US just to see.

Oh yeah and it's a musical, prominently featuring covers of classic 80's hits. Word on the street is that songs by The Talking Heads, Huey Lewis and Genesis could all make an appearance. Wonderful.

This all sounds a lot better to me than Spider Man the musical which, yeah, seriously, is also in production right now. Maybe my disinterest is due to the fact that I was never really a fan of the movies, especially the third one. In a strange twist that could possibly makes this one of the most surreal pieces of entertainment news ever, Bono and The Edge are doing the music. Alright guys, as long as you are saving your best ideas for the new U2 record.

I guess that nobody told them that there already was a Spiderman musical! Check out this clip from Spider-Man Rocks! Rock-n-Roll Musical! at Universal Studios! Apparently they got Ricky Martin to do the music instead of Bono.

God dammit, that is so fucking funny. I can't help myself, here is just a little more for those of you who are curious about all the shit that's gonna go down when The Green Goblin shows up.

Monday, September 29, 2008

NESARA is coming!

Last night Haylee, Sam and me all watched a fascinating little documentary called "Waiting For Nesara", about a cult/scam based loosely on an economic bill that Bill Clinton supposedly signed into law years ago and was later, according to followers of the "Dove Of Oneness" (Don't ask) was put into jeopardy on Sept 11th, 2001 by the powers of darkness, reptilian alien shape shifters, and of course, George W. Bush.

I have to say, what started out as hilariously unbelievable became increasingly sad as it went along. Overall though I would highly, highly recommend checking out "Waiting For Nesara."

The part where it actually starts to get a little depressing is actually included in the trailer, at about 0:33. There is a woman pointing off into the clouds, which, because there is no dialog included, would make the average viewer familiar with the source material think, "Oh okay, that is the part of the movie where the lady shows them where she was driving along and saw a UFO."

WRONG. You see those clouds she is pointing at. Those ARE the UFOs, right there, on film, right now. No joke. In fact, those funny little shaped clouds over there are "Destroyers." Don't worry though, we are assured, they don't have weapons on them.

Need proof? How about this message from the Pleiadians, by way of the Galactic Federation Of Light?

Risking life and limb and possible reptilian capture, Haylee did a little research into the people behind the NESARA cult. Check it out here.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My "Reckoner" Remix

So Radiohead is doing another one of those wonderful little remix contests, just like they did a few months back for the song "Nude", from In Rainbows. This time it is for the song "Reckoner", also off of In Rainbows. Information on how you can do your own can be found here. Anyway, give it a listen and click that little plus sign down there to vote for me.

If you want to help out even more then copy this bad boy and put it up onto your myspace, facebook or blog.

<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

Please? Pretty please? Thanks.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Right Brothers: Two Years Later And More Embarrassing Than Ever

About two years ago I remember coming across this hilariously ignorant song and music video by The Right Brothers, called "Bush Was Right". Now, keep in mind, in 2006 it was already pretty well obvious that Bush was dead wrong, and that still didn't stop these guys from looking like morons then, but now that it is 2008... yeesh.

The ignorance could not be more apparent if it hit you like an accidental civilian bombing, in the face. The great thing about Youtube is that the dumb only look dumber with time. Are there really any republicans that still believe in this? I mean, McCain's entire campaign is based on the idea that Bush was wrong. It's not like Bush has the worst approval rating in history... oh wait, he does. The best line, though, has got to be:

"Economy is on the rise, kicking into overdrive, angry liberals can't believe it's cause of W's policies."

Oops, somebody really put there foot in there mouth over that one.

Anyway, if you are looking for a good laugh then sit back, relax and enjoy, and to quote Keith Olberman on the video:

"To answer a few questions, no it's not a spoof to make the right wing look idiotic, yes they do really think that they can get it shown on Total Request Live on MTV..."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ferrell Makes Veiled Attempt At Saving His Name

You know, I really don't have anything against Will Ferrell other than the fact that the guy has really started making some terrible film choices. But really, isn't that kind of a requirement for leaving SNL? It even happens to the best of them, I mean, look at Adam Sandler. How do you go from Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore to 50 First Dates and Click? Anyway, I just stumbled across this little piece of news that might be a ray of light at the end of Will Ferrels downhill comedy tunnel. Here is a quote from Ferrel in USA Today:

"I will no longer attempt to do any sports movie, anymore. Any sports," Ferrell said Friday before playing in a charity golf tournament hosted by one of his fraternity brothers from Southern California.

Ferrell was dressed almost as if he could step right into a golf movie.

"No, no golf movie. Yeah, I'm retired from sports-genre films. You know, I think I filled my quota," Ferrell said.

Thank god. Now if he could only just say that about movies taking place in the 70s.

All that aside, though, this picture rips.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Party Of Hate Vs. The Party Of Fear

I absolutely love Penn Jillette. I think that the guy is probably a genius and I always like to hear what he says about things even though my opinion differs some of the time (although not at often as you might think). I also am a big fan of his show "Bullshit!" on Showtime. Apparently, he has been doing a lot of video blogging with his opinions about the upcoming elections (He is a Libertarian so obviously he really isn't into either of the policies of the two major candidates.) Even though I consider myself somewhat of a libertarian, at least on social policies (I am a registered Independent voter), I think that Libertarian candidate Bob Bar is a nut. Anyway, I thought this video Penn did was pretty entertaining and interesting, with a few good points but also a few unaddressed questions (specifically the "venal" thing). Anyway, check it out...

To go along with this I am going to post somewhat of a little rebuttal video pointing out a few things that might suggest the republican party might actually know what they are doing when they lie. I love this clip so much.

Anyway, just a little political entertainment for you all. Now go figure it out on your own.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What A Week

Sorry about being away from the computer for so long, but the last week was somewhat of a whirlwind tour. As a way of fate making up for my absence, I would expect this to be one of the longest posts that I have ever done, because now there is just so much ground to cover. Such a huge amount of stories have been collected and experienced over the last few days that really I don't know where to being, so I suppose I will just start at the beginning. A little chronological order never hurt anyone.

Sept 11th - Huey Lewis And The News

Alright, our journey begins not that far from Bellingham, in a little city called Tulalip. I have been wanting to see Huey for years but his tours have traditionally been small and far away, not to mention hard to find out about unless you are actively looking. At this point Huey is pretty grounded in the world of Casino shows and state fairs, which don't exactly advertise in the show section of the local papers next to your Radioheads or your Norma Jeans. Based on the crowd I would say the show was actually probably advertised in Sunset Magazine and Forbes. That's not to say the amphitheater full of baby boomers trying to recapture there youth didn't let there hair down. At one point me and Emily actually spotted a 50 year old mom dancing on her chair with nothing but the word "Pussy" emblazoned across her white t shirt. Yeah, it was as weird as it sounds.

Anyway, Me and my dear, dear friend Emily, who you may recognize from these highly publicized Idiot Pilot ads... up in the parking lot about an hour before the show starts. We walk over to the Casino to grab a bite to eat to the tune of "Cruisin'" echoing across the parking lot. I am already stoked out of my balls at the thought of this little number seeing the light of day. For those of you unacquainted with Huey, "Cruisin'" is a cover song from the movie "Duets" starring Huey Lewis and Gweneth Paltrow as a father and daughter who travel across the country to enter a karaoke competition. No joke.

After some, surprisingly, reasonably priced casino dining we head over to where the line is filtering in to the outdoor theater. We are obviously the youngest people there, possibly by half everyone elses age, which is awesome. I bring in my vinyl copy of "Fore", as mentioned in the preshow post, as well as a copy of the Idiot Pilot CD Wolves. My plan is to meet Huey, slip him the CD and talk him into doing guest vocals on the next Idiot Pilot album. Unfortunately, as we get inside, I find that I underestimated the amount of people up here who are dying to see Huey Lewis And The News, there is no way I am going to be able to just walk up to the guy.

There is no opening band, just some girl singing the national anthem, which is a true testament to just how weird of a show this was. Once Huey hit the stage though, it was an endless string of hits and fan favorites, accented nicely by a little a cappella set mid way through the show. Yeah, seriously. At one point the whole band put down their instruments and the stage hands brought of a whole line of microphones and then straight into barber shop quartet mode. I took a lot of video so instead of bore you all with the textual play by play you can just check out this awesome video of some of the highlights.

They also busted out a brand new song and I caught it on video. This shit kicks so much ass. I am glad to hear that Huey and the guys still know how to write a song that rips.

The only thing that just doesn't make sense is that they didn't play "Hip To Be Square", that is like going to Duran Duran and them not doing Hungry Like The Wolf, George Michael and him not doing Faith, or Idiot Pilot and them not doing To Buy A Gun. Oops, maybe it was karma.

After the show me and Emily wandered around the Casino for a little while, mingling amongst the postshow revelers. I am shocked by how nice the Tulalip Casino is since the recent renovations. It is seriously nicer than some of the places in Vegas. Excalibur anyone? We then said our goodbyes and back home I went. Time to pack for LA.

Sept 13th - SEATAC to LAX

Haylee and I pick up Mike in the afternoon and we get lunch at the Bellingham Co-Op. The ride down is pleasant and even though we are scrambling, as usual, to make the flight on time we make it. A warning to anyone who flys with Idiot Pilot, regardless of how early we leave for the airport, we are going to just barely get in before the flight takes off. It's almost tradition at this point.

Along the way we run into our friends in Daphney Loves Derby, a pop band from the Seattle area who we have toured with before, at one of the many airport lounges. It was awesome to see them. Apparently, they are also heading down to LA to demo some new tracks and are also on the same flight as us. Sweet.

We flew Virgin airlines, and not to sound like an ad or anything, but Virgin is the best out there by leaps and bounds. The difference is astonishing. Even the place where you check in is noticeably nicer than any of the other airlines. Once you board the plane you will notice that the seat backs all have there own individual screens, which isn't totally unheard of on plenty of flights. These, though, are different.

First of all, most airlines have screens that work like TV's, with different channels playing movies on loop or some of the nicer planes actually having live television via satellite. Virgin has this, including the satellite part, but that is only the beginning. The screen is more like a computer station than a TV, where you can watch live channels or premium shows on demand, like Dexter or Entourage or whatever. You can play various games whenever you want, including Doom, with your remote, which was a controller on the back. There are options to order various meals and food or drink from touching your screen and swiping your credit card along the bottom of it and you can also do shopping. There is instant messenger that goes from seat to seat, so you can harass your friends behind you with obscene messages or flirt with someone you saw in the front while boarding. There are updates currently being made to include fully functional web browsers right there on the back of the chairs. Oh yeah, and there are plug ins on the bottom of the seats for your power adapters. Who would have thought?

Sept 14th - Six Flags

I love theme parks. I guess pretty much everybody could say that, I mean, they are designed to be loved, but I love theme parks more than your average kid on vacation. You might even call me a connoisseur. But despite all of this I had still never been to Six Flag's Magic Mountain.

Magic Mountain is a really, really great park. The rides there are definitely some of the biggest and craziest that I have ever encountered and we managed to go on nearly all of them. My only disappointment with the park is obviously the lack of atmosphere. I don't know why designers of these places to take the hint from Disneyland and see that at the end of the day it really doesn't matter how big the drops are or how many loops you go through, it's the immersion in your environment that matters.

My favorite ride at Six Flags is called Goliath, and it opens up with the absolute biggest drop that I have ever seen. Check out this POV video that someone made of it and posted on Youtube.

Me and Haylee and my friend Little Boesch, the fantastic and wonderful engineer, spent all of the 14th at the park enjoying the sights and the sounds.

Sept 15th - Meetings

I had meetings today, that is about all I can say.

Oh yeah, and later that night Haylee saw a pirate in Santa Monica.

Sept 16th - Disneyland

Oh man, what can I say about Disneyland. Our visit to "the happiest place on earth" started with a trip to downtown Disney and to the Rain Forest Cafe, which is apparently a chain and currently putting in a location at a mall near Seattle.

The Rain Forest Cafe is a killer theme restaurant where you dine amongst a lush, animatronic jungle. Every fifteen minutes or so a monsoon will occur, which entails lights flashing and thunder sound effects. The animatronic animals freak out, too, but not as bad as the little kid in the table next to us who started crying and hid under his mom. There was a gorilla near by who also kept starting shit with the patrons, and that made this particular kid cry too. After the monsoon a rainbow comes out and everything is fine for a while, but the jungle is an unpredictable place and you never know when the next one is coming.

We stopped in at California Adventure first, with a trip over the golden state on the Soarin' California ride. I had never had a chance to go on it, due to exceptionally long lines during my last few visits, but thanks to some thoughtful planning on my part we ended up on a day where the parks were abnormally empty. Soarin' California is a beautiful experience, reminiscent of watching early nineties, live-action Disney family films, such as Homeward Bound or just anything featuring Johnathan Taylor Thomas kicking it out in the wilderness. I also really like the integration of scent into the journey; how you smell the fresh pines as you glide down over river rafters or the scent of oranges when you pass over the California groves.

We hit up some river rafting of our own on the Grizzly River Run, which is a great little rafting ride upon which you are certain to get wet. I don't think that I have ever been on a ride where I got that soaked.

There is also a new ride in California Adventure called Toy Story Midway Mania which is more like a very, very interactive video game where you compete against the other passenger to shoot more targets than them along the process of the ride. It also features 3D glasses that, combined with blasts of air and other effects create the pretty convincing experience of things getting thrown at you. One of the most impressive part of the ride, however, was the Mr. Potato Head barker that talks to you as you wait in the line. Haylee had the foresight to take this great video of Mr. Potato head in action. The character actually makes reference to your sex, age, what shirt you are wearing, and all sorts of other things. Very cool.

Mike, who is rather fearful of large rides and rollercoasters, especially ones that go upside down, managed to take on the Screamin' Califonia coaster, which does just that. Apparently, he is over his fear because we got right back on and did it again.

And what trip would be complete without dropping by the Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror.

The other half of the day was spent over at the original Disney park. I even got a Churro! Yes!

After a day of enjoying almost all of the rides that we wanted to with little or no lines the only disappointment was that The Haunted Mansion, which is my favorite ride, was closed due to Halloween preparations in which it is turned into a Nightmare Before Christmas ride.

Sept 17th - Sukiyaki Western Django

Today was a lazy day spent hanging around Ross's house and Venice Beach. It was a nice chance to take a breather and enjoy the atmosphere.

That evening Haylee convinced me to go and check out the new Takashi Miike film over at the famous NuArt Theater in Santa Monica. Sukiyaki Western Django is the title, and it was fantastic; very weird, but tame compared to other things Miike has previously done. The film is a mix of a lot of different things, but mostly a solid cross between the classic American Western and the Japanese gang film. All of the Japanese actors speak english, albeit very broken English, and it takes place in "Nevada" even though it was obviously filmed somewhere in Japan. The intentional crossing of these two cultures visually made for some of the films most impressive moments. Unfortunately, for some of you readers who's interest may have been sparked, Sukiyaki Western Django has only been released in LA and New York so far, so you might have to wait for DVD.

Also of note is the fact that the famous NuArt Theater is right next door to the famous Cinefile Video, which is the origin point of all those clever director T-Shirts that look like the logos for 80's rock bands.

Just click on any of the pictures above to order one of your own.

Sept 18th - LAX to SEATAC

Said goodbyes, flew Virgin again, got home. Slept hard.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

City Of Angels

Well, I am about to get in the car and drive to the airport so this is going to have to be brief. Me, Mike and Haylee are going to be in LA for the next five days at my good friend Ross's house. There will be Disneyland, there will be Six Flags, there will be business; all very good things. I will post about the Huey show as soon as I can but I want to include some of the video that I took so it might be a little while. Alright! We're off!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Huey Lewis Live Tonight!

Tonight I am going to be going to see one of the greatest artists of our time, Huey Lewis And The News, with my dear friend Emily. Boy am I excited. Random Questions:

- With all of those hits, will Huey and the gang have time to play fan favorite's that don't happen to be huge singles? ("Finally Found A Home" anyone?)

- Will that song that Huey did with Gwyneth Paltrow for the Duets soundtrack make an appearance? More importantly, will the song Huey did with Marty McFy and Doc Brown, for the Back To The Future soundtrack, make an appearance?

- But above all else, will Huey stop to blaze a joint during the instrumental part of Pineapple Express where, on the record, he stops to blaze a joint?

I don't know if the opportunity is going to present itself, but I am definitely going to try to get this little baby signed.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Matt Damon Pwns Sarah Palin

Yeah, Matt Damon is so fucking rad. When I have more time I might do a longer post about my personal thoughts on Sarah Palin, but for now I think it's pretty well summed up by this.

Big thank's a lot to Stefanie Warmouth, by way of Mike Wilson, for telling me about this clip.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Haunted Bellingham: A Ghost Hunt!

Ghosts, apparitions, spirits, the undead; everyone knows someone with a story of there own, or one from a family member or a close friend. Encounters the with dearly departed are something that human begins have been sharing and passing down since people started dying which, you know, has been a while.

Last night was an adventure. It all started when my friend Ari and I were discussing what we wanted to do with the evening. We both wanted a snack and I kind of wanted to have a late night picnic so we decided it might be cool to go to the cemetery. Will the ghosts get jealous of our snacks? We thought. What do ghosts eat? A few Google searches yielded little results, except for that the Day Of The Dead tradition might suggest ghost are way down with Mexican food. We also figured that ghosts are probably into milk and cookies because, well, who isn't?

(Real ghost caught on film?)

By now we are getting into full on ghost hunter mode, so we hatch a plan. First we get the bait; Milk and cookies for our first attempt, and in case that doesn't coax the spirits out of there eternal slumber, we brought along chips and salsa, too. On the suggestion of my brother we brought along a "ghost trap", also know as a crab trap, which we decided we would place the food in with the hopes of catching a ghost inside.

How do you keep a ghost inside a cage, you might ask? Well, I'm not exactly sure, but what we tried was pouring holy water across the bars. Holy water is pretty hard to come by at 10 at night, so we had to think quickly. Ari and I went online and found this wonderful little website where you can become an ordained minister, and a few minutes later we are priests. We then filled up a thermos with water and blessed it. POOF! Instant holy water. Ghost's can't do shit about that.

Thinking that this might be dangerous, Ari and I went and picked up some backup in the form of Haylee and Sam. Although not ordained ministers, they're natural skills of Ouija communication and cookie making made them a valuable addition to the team (I have it on good authority that ghosts prefer homemade chocolate chip, not the break and bake kind).

To assure maximum ghost per mile ratio at the cemetery that evening, we dicided to make a quick trip around to Bellingham's most haunted places and put the word out through Ouija board, "FREE COOKIES, BAYVIEW CEMETARY, GHOSTS WELCOME."

We started downtown at the Old Town Cafe. According to Haunted Hotspots (Washington), Old Town employees have "seen dishes flying in the air for fifteen minutes only to land back in the same place they originally were. Others claim to have heard piano music, but there is no piano in or near the restaurant. People walking outside have also seen a woman looking down from the second floor window at times the building is empty."

While the girls sent out messages from the sidewalk outside I snapped a few pictures of of the restaurant interior and of the haunted upper windows. No ghosts appear to have been captured.

Next we drove over to The Mount Baker Theater, subject of years and years of supposed ghostly encounters with a spirit by the name of Judy. According to the theater's very own website, Judy is said to be a ghost that lived in a house that the theater was built over. Stories of her calling out the names of projectionists, epically male ones, are common; and you can see why, Judy is fucking hot.

Am I right?

(Actual picture of "Judy")

Other "reports have included gusts of cold air, balls of light, a rustling of skirts."

When we arrived at the theater we noticed something odd inside. I bright white stage light emanating from the lobby. I assumed that it was due to some sort of renovation going on with the theater or something, but we all jokingly decided to call it ghost light. Come to find out the next day that that probably IS a ghost light. It is a tradition on some theaters that are supposedly haunted to leave a stage light on over night for the ghosts, in the off chance that they want to put on a performance while the building is empty for the evening. No joke. Anyway, we sent out another ghost advertisement via Ouija board there as well.

Alright, so we finally make it to Bellingham's very own, notoriously haunted, Bayview Cemetery. Ari, Sam, Haylee and me make our way deep into the tombstones where we set up shop on a nice little mound of grass. We lay out the cookies on a paper plate and pour a cup of milk, then get a good distance away and wait for the ghost feast to commence.

Apparently, ghosts aren't all that into milk and cookies, homemade or otherwise. At least not the ones around here. I snapped a few photos in case the ghosts were just scoping the scene and then we moved onto the chips and salsa.

With the Mexican food we took a more aggressive approach, "ghost cage."

Like I said before, "ghost cage" is a crab cage covered in holy water. The way it works is that you put the ghost snacks inside the cage where they are in easy view of the ghosts. The cage doors open inwards but not outwards, and so unassuming that ghosts can't pass through bars covered in holy water, they will crawl inside, attempting to get there salsa on, and become stuck. If all goes as planned, we will then run up and snap all sorts of incriminating photos.

Well, we certainly didn't trap any ghosts, but we did get a picture of this sweet ghost orb.

Today Ari and I went back to the graveyard to check out if our milk and cookies had been snacked upon by the disembodied. They were gone, but something tells me that was probably due more to a caretaker than a ghostie. We did come across something interesting though...

"Angel Eyes" is the name given to a statue in Bayview Cemetery that is supposedly one of it's most haunted graves. As a kid I heard two versions of the legend. One, is that on certain full moons if you visit the statue its eyes will glow red, the other is that blood, or some sort of mysterious red liquid, will ooze from the statues eyes from time to time. Look what we found!

Proof of ghosts, or proof of bored highschoolers? You decide.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

I seriously can't get over how good this new David Byrne and Brian Eno record is. It's called Everything That Happens Will Happen Today and so far it is only available right here.

(Nerds rule)

The album is really quite gorgeous and it reminds me of a mix between Byrne's solo records (which are all incredible by the way) and some of favorite Talking Heads songs like "This Must Be The Place" or "Dream Operator" from the True Stories record. David's lyrics have somehow never been so on point either, which is such a strange thing to say about someone who has spent decades past writing handfuls of the greatest songs ever penned. Once In A Lifetime anyone? How do you top that? I am not sure, but I think he gets pretty fucking close.

I am really into this verse from the title track at the moment:

I ride on a perfect freeway
Many people on that road
I heard the sound of someone laughing
I saw my neighbors car explode

Just up ahead
Against the sky
Quicker than you blink your eye

His ability to capture emotion in the strange, and his ability to paint the strange as the everyday, is fantastic.

This player below is from the records official website, but I am going to stress the fact that this is one of those albums that is good start to finish. I also want to quickly thank my buddy Karl for reminding me that this was coming out a few weeks ago.

Making A Great Record / Freaky Jpop

I think that the hardest part of making a great record could possibly be that fact that nobody knows what it sounds like but you. Well, I guess a few other people do, people that have heard it, here and there. As far as the general public though, they are going to have to be patient, which means that I am going to have to be patient, which is frustrating. Why?

Because it is so fucking good.


I think that it might sound a little something like this guy looks...

Here's a funny story. When I was looking for a picture to post there I googled the word "freaky." I got a whole slew of results (and I, in fact, do not suggest the weak hearted among you try that with the safe-search off). One thing that I did stumble across of particular interest was the CD art for this japanese pop singer.

Her name is Koda Kumi. Being your typical red blood american male, I was suddenly driven to learn more about this beautiful lady and did a youtube search for some of her videos. Come to find out, she's pretty bad. Heart = broken. Although, she did apparently tell a recent interviewer, who asked her if she would ever like to have children, that “I would like to have them by 35, as after this age, a woman’s amnionic fluids get rotten and you become dirty”. Rad. Apparently, it was a pretty big deal in Japan.

One thing I did find though, was this video of a televised Koda Kumi dance competition. This is one of the weirdest fucking things I have ever seen. I don't get this, at all, it's like looking into a parallel universe where everything is backwards and strange.


Anyway, to those of you that want to get a hold of some J-pop that does come highly recommended by myself, check out Yuki. She is really fucking good. This is the video for the song "Joy" off of her album of the same name. It's a great, great pop record but it might be kind of hard to get your hands on. You need to either look online ($57.99 import on, yeeeesh) or if you live near a japanese grocery type place, that also has a CD section, it might be a good place to look. Check it out below.