Saturday, September 22, 2007

What It Sounded Like When Doomsday Killed Superman in Issue #75

In case the three of you that actually read my little blog noticed, I have been off line for about a week or so. The server that I was using to host my MP3 files disappeared for no apparent reason, and so I have been searching for a new place to host files for a while now. Looking for a new host sucks, but I finally found what appears to be a decent free server and have reuploaded all the MP3s that I had previously posted. Feel free to backtrack and download some of those older MP3s you might have missed.

I will continue to post as often as I can, kicking off with a bad ass instrumental jam by Tristeza.

(Tristeza, bumming on something?)

Tristeza are from San Diego but, like most "post rock" bands, sound like they are from a cold European country where everything is made out of ice crystals. You know, somewhere kind of like Superman's Fortress of Solitude? Unfortunately this illusion is hard to maintain once you notice that most of there album and song titles are in Spanish.


The band has somehow managed to release fourteen (yes, fourteen) EPs or CDs between 1998 and 2006, the latest of which also contains a DVD full of music videos for songs that aren't actually on the CD that comes with it (Sweet!). In 2003 guitarist James LaValle left Tristeza to work on his solo project, The Album Leaf, full time, a group which more than a few of you may already be familiar with. The song I am posting, though, was released on the album "Dream Signals In Full Circles" in 2000, when James was still part of the group.

Building Peaks by Tristeza

Buy Dream Signals In Full Circles by Tristeza

I highly suggest vibeing on the classic 1993 Superman cover while you listen...

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Keith said...

I like this song a lot. Very ice-crystally. Don't know if you recall the RPG Spyro the Dragon... Well he would sometimes go to cold places.