Thursday, September 13, 2007

Look Who's Back

I made a post about a week ago where I talked about what I see as the trademarks of true American music. I realize now, upon further reflection, that that post could have really just been summed up in two simple words:

The Boss.

(Fuck yes)

I'll just come right out and say it, Bruce Springsteen (aka The Boss) has absolutely got to be one of the coolest dudes on the planet. You could describe him as a lot of things; a simple folk singer from New Jersey, the mouthpiece of blue collar America, or even as Max Weinberg other boss besides Conan O'Brien.

With all of these titles, it's safe to say that Bruce has accomplished a lot, not just because of his amazing talent as a songwriter, but also because he has been around for a really fucking long time. Born in 1949, Bruce decided to take up music after watching Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show when he was just seven years old. He started playing gigs around New Jersey when he was in his early twenties and was eventually picked up by Columbia Records in 72'. Apparently back in those days people liked to talk about how much he sounded like Bob Dylan.

Anyway, fast forward to 1984 and The Boss is putting out Born In The USA, which had literally seven top-ten hits, more than half of the album (It's 12 tracks deep). Keep in mind that this is probably one of the most gratuitous fast forwards ever because during the time between Bruce also released Born To Run, which totally rips, as well as the folk milestone, Nebraska. But like I said, Bruce Springsteen's career is pretty long so let's fast forward again to October 2nd, 2007.

This is the day that The Boss is coming out with a new record, called Magic. Now as far as favorite Bruce Springsteen albums go I am pretty parshall to 1992s Human Touch, mostly due to the fact that it contains both the tracks "Real Man" AND "Man's Job", but I have to say that, from what I have heard thus far, Magic could be a possible contender for that position. The track "Your Own Worst Enemy" sounds like classic old school Springsteen, filled up nicely with strings, a tambourine, horns, bells and more courtesy of the E. Street Band. I highly, highly, highly recommend picking up this CD when it hit's stores or ordering it from the below.

Your Own Worst Enemy by Bruce Springsteen

Buy Magic by Bruce Springsteen

Also, the single off of Magic is a song called "Radio Nowhere" and it is fucking awesome. It is available on iTunes right now.

Download "Radio Nowhere" Free from the iTunes Store

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